Not Only Newtown

I just found this very emotional discussion on the 71 children killed with firearms in 2012. Every death of a child is tragic because they have so much unrealized potential.

But looking at the 2010 (the last year data is available at CDC Wonder), firearms were used in about 25% of homicides in which children age nine and under were victims. While it is grim to discuss, we should not forget the 75% of children who were murdered with poison, fire, cutting and piercing drowning, and so on.

As we remember the 112 children murdered with firearms in 2010 we should not forget those who died from accidents as well. 3,473 children age nine and under died in 2010 from external sources, of which five percent were killed with firearms. The leading cause of death was suffocation (34%), followed by motor vehicle traffic (22%) and drowning (19%).

Yet those who died from sources other than firearms do not receive the same amount of attention, even though their death is just as tragic and more common.

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