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What is the end game of gun control?

The goal of gun rights advocates is to allow individuals the right to own and carry firearms. That seems clear, even if it results in such questionable policies as allowing convicted felons or those who are a danger to themselves … Continue reading

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Deadline leaves N.Y. gun owners with a choice Yesterday was the deadline for residents of New York state to register their “assault weapons” with the state. This is part of the SAFE act, which also prohibits those residents from purchasing … Continue reading

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We’re Handling Firearms More Safely Now

In an earlier post, I showed that fatalities from accidental firearm injuries have dramatically declined. David Yamane brought up the point that the result could be due to increased quality of medical treatment. That critique could be addressed by examining … Continue reading

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On the Other Hand, Maybe Gun Culture 2.0 is a Thing

A recent poll conducted AU’s Women and Politics Institute, and Loyola Marymount University professor Richard L. Fox shows that 60% of high school and college students are considering owning a gun in the future, with 40% planning on it. I … Continue reading

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Millennials and Gun Ownership

“Gun Culture 2.0” is predicated on increased ownership of guns by millenials, especially handgun ownership by young women. While there are some fun anecdotal evidence here  and there, I haven’t seen much reliable evidence until now. is run by … Continue reading

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Are gunowners handling guns more safely these days?

In response to a comment by David Yamane I’ve plotted the fatalities from many accidental injuries over 1979-2010. While it is far too cluttered to reveal much, four things are clear. First, auto accidents, accidental poisonings and accidental falls are … Continue reading

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American Society of Criminology Meeting Paper: Lessons from the United Kingdom on Firearms Bans, Homicide, and Access

Originally posted on Gun Culture 2.0:
Although the British government imposed various gun control measures throughout the 20th century, the most dramatic moves followed two mass shootings. In1987, 27 year-old Michael Ryan dressed up as “Rambo” and carrying (among other weapons)…

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